My apiculture initiation in the Radish Apiary

9th step of my « Tour de France » : my introduction to apiculture with the Chevarin family.

In this 4 minute video, you will discover the « Radish Apiary » (Rucher des Radis) as well as Jérôme’s answers to my « childish » questions.

Nothing to be ashamed of, I could not respond these questions before Jérôme and I met in the BIOTERRE masters at Sorbonne Uni:

  • What is the point of pollination? 

As mentioned in the video, Jérôme started working with bees so the fruit trees could bear fruits. Because (and …

My tomato sauce by Maison Legrand

The Tomate sauce – 4 servings By Maison Legrand


Chili, January 2016, I am harvesting 40 kg of organic tomatoes. They are magnificent but the farm doesn’t have any distribution channel.

I only have one solution to save the production : transform those tomatoes into a sauce and sell it. Panic on bord, i have never done this before.

This is when I remembered about this young culinary entrepreneurs couple discovering recipes all around the world through their

Step 4 – Are agriculture and ecology politically compatible?

Are agriculture and ecology politically compatible?

élevage_bio_maraichines_EARL_Val_de_SeudreImpossible to describe in just a few words this 4th stage of my -tour de France of natural agriculture pioneers -with Benoit Biteau and Stephanie Muzard.

Have you not seen on TEDx’ show a farmer-politician and his wife, a co-director artist? Thanks to this video (in french only I am sorry) you will quickly understand with which characters I just shared a couple of days with.

Back in 2006 Benoit acquired …

About my environmental workshop

From Colombia to La Sorbonne University

In July 2015 in Colombia I was asked to make a presentation on environment and to detail my personal experiences to a group of 200 young people between 15 and 25 coming from all over the world. It was 9:30 pm, it was the 5th day of the event, a day as intensive as the previous days, full of retreats workshops and late nights. How to succeed in getting their attention? I felt it was an impossible task.

I understood that there was only one thing for …


The tour steps!


Step 12➡ My new #happyvideo about la Ferme Saint Laurent is ONLINE!  (a biodynamical & diversified farm existing since 1992)

Coming soon➡ More information about my steps in la Drôme, Marseille, le Parc du Mercantour, the course “Organic agriculture & chains” by la Ferme Sainte Marthe


Step 11 ➡ The formation “Farms of the Future” (

Claire & Will new life

Claire & Will new life

Claire & Will is a couple of friends I visited in Strasbourg last November. I wanted to present you their « life project » not that common but so attractive.

With William we followed the same 2nd Master BIOTERRE at Sorbonne University «BIOdiversity, TERRitories, Environment ». He is an economist and was actually working for the Environmental Ministery in Paris. Then he quit his job to go back to his home town, Strasbourg, to build a bar project with his best friend: « THE LOCAL ». The concept: « the Local is both a bar and musical place where the public is served with the most alsacian & traditional beers, music and art » (Check out their facebook page).

Retouche_photo_sélection_strasbourgWith other friends from the Master BIOTERRE we gave them a little joyful hand just before its opening on December 2015. Friends visiting Strasbourg, you definitely have to go!

The most surprising part of the Local project is that 20% of the funding they needed to start, they got it from their friends. A nice alternative to bank loans which always go with « heavy » interest payments.

Claire is a pharmacist. From « Outre-mer », she was 18 when she arrived in Strasbourg for her studies. Showing us the botanic garden, she tells us being convinced of the efficiency of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy to prevent illnesses. Besides, given the freezing winter in Strasbourg she rarely get sick.

« For example the ravintsara esencial oil is an excellent antiseptic and anti-infectives natural remedy. It stimulates immunity and helps facilitate recovery after a cold […] In phytotherapy I usually use extract of grapefruit seeds to stimulate immunity. When Will starts to get sick I give him 10 drops 3 times a day and it usually works: he gets better. There are thousands of remedies that the Nature gives us and that are trully effective, we could talk about that for hours!” Said Claire.

To conclude, icing on the cake, Claire & Will went to live in the eco-neighbourhood of the brewery. It was built on the former Kronembourg brewery. The buildings are thought not to waste energy (building orientation, materials used for insulation, reuse of an extraction well from the old « caneterie » for the district heating, BBC label), each inhabitant has access to a nice vegetable garden and is able to share a real neighbourhood life. Everything has been thought to encourage walking and biking.

Something to make us want to do the same.

The secret of Angel’s cooking? Love

The secret of Ángel’s cooking? Love.

Ángel is one of the most beautiful encounter I had in Chile. An encounter that deeply impacted my change of life. This is why I’m telling you today, at the beginning of my tour of France to meet the pioneers of natural agriculture.

After having worked in industrial food production under different aspects, Ángel tried to reconnect with meaning, tradition, health, well being.

He started by baking bread, recollecting, in a corner of his memory, those hours …

Limache’s pesto

Limache’s pesto 

Limache is a little chilean city quite special. Attracted by the Waldorf-Steiner school (more info here), many people came to settle there to experience a different lifestyle, most respectful of nature and men. It is this philosophy that motivated José’s uncle to start a farming project according to the biodynamic methods (more information about biodynamic here). When I arrived last year I worked a few hours a week at the Amor Porteño, a cafeteria offering tasty and healthy products …

Tonight, mint infusion or mojito?!


« Tonight, mint infusion or mojito?»

  In the farm the botanical garden has been full of mint since a few weeks. One could not pass by without noticing its fresh aroma. At the very moment you are reading those lines, there are 92% of chances that you are concerned by one of those two situations:

  • Your liver, stomach, are working like crazy to digest your copious & delightful Christmas meals;
  • The festivities have just started and you are not going to stop …