My apiculture initiation in the Radish Apiary

9th step of my « Tour de France » : my introduction to apiculture with the Chevarin family.

In this 4 minute video, you will discover the « Radish Apiary » (Rucher des Radis) as well as Jérôme’s answers to my « childish » questions.

Nothing to be ashamed of, I could not respond these questions before Jérôme and I met in the BIOTERRE masters at Sorbonne Uni:

  • What is the point of pollination? 

As mentioned in the video, Jérôme started working with bees so the fruit trees could bear fruits. Because (and …

Step 4 – Are agriculture and ecology politically compatible?

Are agriculture and ecology politically compatible?

élevage_bio_maraichines_EARL_Val_de_SeudreImpossible to describe in just a few words this 4th stage of my -tour de France of natural agriculture pioneers -with Benoit Biteau and Stephanie Muzard.

Have you not seen on TEDx’ show a farmer-politician and his wife, a co-director artist? Thanks to this video (in french only I am sorry) you will quickly understand with which characters I just shared a couple of days with.

Back in 2006 Benoit acquired …