« My dad magic soup for climate »



In order to give you the context, I am living again in the Parisian climate for few weeks… A climate oscillating between joy, cold, culture, rain, terror, solidarity, COP21 and many others. However there is still a place with a stable and warm climate: my dad’s kitchen.

Mister Bounine, also known as Nico, always raised us with healthy, local, seasonal products and as soon as possible with organic ones.  For what reason? We always knew it had health benefits but was always hard to justify why our Nutella jar had been transformed in a nuts brown spread without sweeteners or preservatives with a label where was handly written « nutella healthy for children ». Moderately appetizing.

Today I finally understood that Nico, feeding us this way, was not only taking care of our health but was also globally contributing to fight, from his kitchen, against climate change:

  1. Because with the organic production there is no ground and body contamination with unnecessary chemical products. Even better, we are nourished with vitamins, minerals and others that the product naturally contains.
  2. Buying locally we are contributing to the short circuits selling that diminishes undoubtedly the CO2 emissions due to the goods transportation.

More importantly Nico (beyond his nutella recipe) is a really good cooker. He inherited his passion from his mum he was observing during hours. That is the reason why I wanted to inaugurate the “happyfood” category of my young blog with one of my father really simple and timeless recipe: the pumkin velvet.


  • Half of a pumkin (let its skin if it is organic)
  • 2 onions
  • 2 potatoes (without obligation)
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Few coriander leaves
  • A little soya milk carton for cooking or fresh cream

Let all the ingredients cook in salted water on medium heat for 30 mn (keep an eye on it sometimes). When it is cooked, remove water if there is too much before mixing the ingredients (it depends of the mixture you want for your soup). Add the cream and stir.  Last month for the 30 of my eldest sister, I replaced the potatoes by a big sweet potatoe and I served the velvet with toasted sesame seeds. Are you going to test it?

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