#forAGreenerCity, how to regain #freely #watermelon #seeds


Refreshing yourself eating a watermelon is quite pleasant. But I guess regaining freely half of its seeds to arrive at a tangible result (186 seeds for 186 future watermelons) is much more pleasant.

Watermelon seeds are the most simple to recuperate (tips from the french ONG Kokopelli) :
1. While you are eating the fruit you get rid of its seeds
2. Then you clean it with regular tap water and a small colander
3. You let it dry for 10 to 15 days on a plate in the shadow at ambiant temperature & the seeds are preserved for 4 years

Be carefull not to cover the seeds, because before drying they still have humidity though and can decay. Remove them sometimes at the beginning to be shure they won’t paste the plate.

Now I have 8 more days to wait. It will be ready for me to sell o exchange it during the next organic market. I will also sell my organic pesto & tomato sauces, sweet marmelades & gaspacho cucumber I am making with the farm veggies. Pictures soon!

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