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Hi, I’m Margaux. I got my green reputation thanks to my project “Green solidarity my way”, a 6 months trip eco volunteering in South America (watch the teaser here). It was the 1st project lead by the association “Traveling severally” that I co-founded while I was studying European and International law at Uni. Main idea of the project? Understanding what was going on environmentally and becoming useful!

LSV 1 - presentacion

When I came back to France, I had no desire to study law anymore and I found a multidisciplinary degree in biodiversity, territories, and environment (BIOTERRE) at the Sorbonne University, where I graduated with experience in a construction and services company.

When I was in Peru, Iris, the engineer head of the Cutervo National Park where I was working used to tell me:

“Margaux if you want to act for the environment you have 2 main ways: 1st one you go back to University to become an agronomist or a specialized engineer; 2nd one you entirely dedicate yourself to environment communication and environmental awareness. We tend to run those communication jobs down, but without them all our work as specialists would be useless. We need to educate ourselves to the environment again; we forgot how to live along with it”.

So I got involved in an association where environmental awareness and sustainability are the priority. I got involved with the REFEDD, the French students network for sustainable development.


Ever since I started my green master degree, I had a very deep desire – not to say a very deep obsession – to let the entire world know that biodiversity is our source of life, joy and well-being. I wanted to learn more, to start filming and to create a project  about it but on a larger scale. And I knew this project had to grow slowly so I flew back to South America in order to perfect my skills.

Thanks to all of that, I finally understood that agriculture, biodiversity, health and well-being were linked. This is the reason why I am training to be a farmer while continuing to raise environment awareness:

  • Through the workshops that I present in this article.
  • Through this blog where I write about the 21st century farmers, professionals or amateurs, who make a lot from very little, create social links and preserve our biodiversity.

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