The tour steps!


Step 12➡ My new #happyvideo about la Ferme Saint Laurent is ONLINE!  (a biodynamical & diversified farm existing since 1992)

Coming soon➡ More information about my steps in la Drôme, Marseille, le Parc du Mercantour, the course “Organic agriculture & chains” by la Ferme Sainte Marthe


Step 11 ➡ The formation “Farms of the Future” (Fermes d’Avenir) : How to build a farm project inspired by permaculture ?


This French farm tour  is a way to prepare myself to becoming a farmer.

“France has lost 1.5 million farms in 50 years, it seems quite realistic to imagine re-create 200,000 in the next 20 years; creating jobs, revitalizing territories and answering a real need of the population: eating well.” Fermes d’Avenir, visions & objectifs

Thanks everyone for this rich experience that definitely helped me to define my profesional project!

Step 10 ➡ “Experience week 2016 : Permaculture & community ” 

Discover my new trilingual video about ecology & living together!

Step 9 ➡ Apiculture initiation at my friend Jérôme’s place


I met Jérôme at  La Sorbonne University. Thanks to him we understood how much pollinating insects are important for the biodiversity and the humans’ health. I will show you very soon in a video what his apiary, in the middle of the Auvergne region, looks like! 

Step 8 ➡ Permaculture & participative eco-building with the Association Earth, Straw & Company. Check my trilingual video about this experience!
Step 7 ➡ The city of Nantes & the discovery of an awesome green start’up background: “The Box to Plant”

Capture d’écran 2016-07-07 à 21.46.46Discover them in this 1st vidéo (in french only for the moment) I made by myself for the 1st time during my tour.

Step 6 ➡ Our adventure in the Autonomous House ♻️☀️ IMG_9009I knew agriculture is a central concept (has to see with economy, health, environment, social links, etc.). But on Saturday I found out that agriculture could ally with intelligence life & energy savings thanks to the visit of the Autonomous House; this pioneering place where Patrick & Brigitte are living independently for 40 years (they are totally living on a self-sufficient energy way) .
Solar heating, insulation built through natural ecological materials, water collection, electricity supply, healthy food, compost, composting toilets etc. Thank you for this beautiful example that intelligence, autonomy & quality of life are compatible!DSC05431

🚴📽🎞This day was also an opportunity to discover the film On the Green Road, a 2 cousins’ cycling adventure around the world who turned into an ecological initiation: Nature is our main and free tool to fight against climate change and more! Nature is source of happiness for everyone.
Thank you for these exchanges that change how I see things and make me to move forward!

 Step 5  ➡ The family Gobin poultry organic farm


Beyond the fact that I discovered a new agricultural activity, this step marked me because this project has been passed from grandparents to son, from son to son toddler, Yoann, who welcomed me home.

Yoann had gone to study something else before returning to the occupation of Earth & Livestock. Intentionally or not, there was a real drive environmental awareness in this family, a transmission respect, love for nature and it was not without influence in the virtuous development of the project.

Step 4  ➡ An experience that made me change a lot. You definitely should read the article I wrote about the amazing things that this pioneers couple are doing: “Are agriculture & ecology politically compatible?” 


  Step 3➡ Discover the amazing urbain discoveries I made in Toulouse & Le Gers
 Step 2
Chapelle_plantes_séchage_Mazet Discover the paradise of the « Marie de Mazet » in the middle of the french Cévennes on its website, in the mobile application YesWeGreen where every spot of my french tour is referenced or on my facebook page, instagram and in an article on my blog (translation: Sandrine Di Pasquale 
step 1 Formation_Kamea_15maiWith the « Kamea Meah » team! Discover the summary here.

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