« Tonight, mint infusion or mojito?»


In the farm the botanical garden has been full of mint since a few weeks. One could not pass by without noticing its fresh aroma.

At the very moment you are reading those lines, there are 92% of chances that you are concerned by one of those two situations:

  1. Your liver, stomach, are working like crazy to digest your copious & delightful Christmas meals;
  2. The festivities have just started and you are not going to stop here.

So that is why José and I have decided it was the moment to inform you that your best friend those days could be mint. Why?

  1. It is really helpful for digestion and reduces stomach aches (at home we are totally fan of Marie de Mazet peppermint digestive infusion: English link http://en.mariedemazet.com/medicinal-plants/peppermint);
  2. It actively contributes to increase intake of antioxidants we daily need;
  3. It contains vitamin C and iron (one drop of essential oil of mint in warm water with honey helps to fight tiredness).

No worries it is quite easy to incorporate mint into your daily life:

  • You can include it in your drinks such as tea, infusion or mojito (best video to do mojito cubano https://youtu.be/pzhx6to5f0Q) and incorporate in every kind of dish (salad, soup, desert).
  • At last if you plant mint, you will definitely save money! It is a rustic plant that grows easily thanks to its rhizome (legend n°1 in José’ sketch above). Let the mint some space so that it could develop alone and it will live months if you sprinkle regularly (when a tea bag that cost you 2€ in the supermaket will last only one week). Without taking into account that in your balcony, window or in your vegetable garden the mint will serve as a perfect insect repellent. Let’s go and plant yours!

We wish you a very happy festive season!

Margaux & José

PS: Be careful not to drink too much mint tea or infusion during the meals because it can diminish your iron absorption. Just drink it one hour before or one hour after to be sure your keep all the virtues for your body. Last tip: don’t forget to buy it organic for more virtues!

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