Watermelon seeds

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  Refreshing yourself eating a watermelon is quite pleasant. But I guess regaining freely half of its seeds to arrive at a tangible result (186 seeds for 186 future watermelons) is much more pleasant. Watermelon seeds are the most simple to recuperate (tips from the french ONG Kokopelli) : 1. While you are eating the fruit you get rid of its seeds 2. Then you clean it with regular tap water and a small colander 3. You let

Tomato seeds’ power

tomato4_INSTA   Did you know 1 organic cherry tomato = 30 seeds = 30 tomato plants = 3000 free organic tomatoes (in average). Who said organic food was expensive? Last February 29th I went to buy an organic cherry tomato from the “campo” where José works, a few cents. I am in my kitchen, I put in place my working surface. On my cutting board I open delicately my tomato, I look at the thirty seeds that comes with it. At that moment I think back to what a brilliant