My apiculture initiation in the Radish Apiary

9th step of my « Tour de France » : my introduction to apiculture with the Chevarin family.

In this 4 minute video, you will discover the « Radish Apiary » (Rucher des Radis) as well as Jérôme’s answers to my « childish » questions.

Nothing to be ashamed of, I could not respond these questions before Jérôme and I met in the BIOTERRE masters at Sorbonne Uni:

  • What is the point of pollination? 

As mentioned in the video, Jérôme started working with bees so the fruit trees could bear fruits. Because (and …

My tomato sauce by Maison Legrand

The Tomate sauce – 4 servings By Maison Legrand


Chili, January 2016, I am harvesting 40 kg of organic tomatoes. They are magnificent but the farm doesn’t have any distribution channel.

I only have one solution to save the production : transform those tomatoes into a sauce and sell it. Panic on bord, i have never done this before.

This is when I remembered about this young culinary entrepreneurs couple discovering recipes all around the world through their

The secret of Angel’s cooking? Love

The secret of Ángel’s cooking? Love.

Ángel is one of the most beautiful encounter I had in Chile. An encounter that deeply impacted my change of life. This is why I’m telling you today, at the beginning of my tour of France to meet the pioneers of natural agriculture.

After having worked in industrial food production under different aspects, Ángel tried to reconnect with meaning, tradition, health, well being.

He started by baking bread, recollecting, in a corner of his memory, those hours …

Limache’s pesto

Limache’s pesto 

Limache is a little chilean city quite special. Attracted by the Waldorf-Steiner school (more info here), many people came to settle there to experience a different lifestyle, most respectful of nature and men. It is this philosophy that motivated José’s uncle to start a farming project according to the biodynamic methods (more information about biodynamic here). When I arrived last year I worked a few hours a week at the Amor Porteño, a cafeteria offering tasty and healthy products …

my dad magic soup for climate

« My dad magic soup for climate »

    In order to give you the context, I am living again in the Parisian climate for few weeks… A climate oscillating between joy, cold, culture, rain, terror, solidarity, COP21 and many others. However there is still a place with a stable and warm climate: my dad’s kitchen. Mister Bounine, also known as Nico, always raised us with healthy, local, seasonal products and as soon as possible with organic ones.  For what reason? We always knew it had health benefits but was always hard to justify why our Nutella jar had been …