My apiculture initiation in the Radish Apiary

9th step of my « Tour de France » : my introduction to apiculture with the Chevarin family.

In this 4 minute video, you will discover the « Radish Apiary » (Rucher des Radis) as well as Jérôme’s answers to my « childish » questions.

Nothing to be ashamed of, I could not respond these questions before Jérôme and I met in the BIOTERRE masters at Sorbonne Uni:

  • What is the point of pollination? 

As mentioned in the video, Jérôme started working with bees so the fruit trees could bear fruits. Because (and …

My tomato sauce by Maison Legrand

The Tomate sauce – 4 servings By Maison Legrand


Chili, January 2016, I am harvesting 40 kg of organic tomatoes. They are magnificent but the farm doesn’t have any distribution channel.

I only have one solution to save the production : transform those tomatoes into a sauce and sell it. Panic on bord, i have never done this before.

This is when I remembered about this young culinary entrepreneurs couple discovering recipes all around the world through their